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Mega Mango

"Phruitcore Heatwave" Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

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Mega Mango presents our titular, tastebud-tingling philter "Phruitcore Heatwave". A palatably sweet and spicy sauce for whatever you want to do with it. Like its great on eggs, fish, rice and stuff. Oh and also it's nice over beans, salads, ice cream, fruit, pasta... pretty much like, virtually anything you can consume, you might get a little shot of dopamine*.

Made with quality organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Mango, Bell Pepper, Onion, Lime juice, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Citric Acid (preservation), Mango extract (flavor), Xantham gum.

* We can't legally guarantee this will make you happy. However, there is definitely a momentary escape from corporeal stimuli to a playful cerebral analysis, after you first try it. At least that is how my brain thinks other brains would react to this**.

** I am not a licensed psychologist or anything close to a brain doctor, I like to make loud noises and respond to simple stimuli such as temperature, light and smell. With all that in account, I will state that I am pleased*** with the color, flavor profile, and olfactory notes of this product. 

*** I should also disclose that as a member of this band that is selling this product, I reserve the right to endorse this product in any way that does not financially jeopardize potential sales. I hope you would want to our product. If you are allergic to anything in here, we can't change the recipe for you, but if you will, I can attempt to describe the experience for you: The sweet tropical flavor of the mango is an inflatable raft, floating over the sea of your tastebuds. Nestled inside the borders of the raft is a small group of savory habaneros, onions, and peppers who were on record stating that they were a little nervous to express their flavor profiles in the past. Yet, given the circumstances of a seemingly intrepid adventure, as well as the implicit warm tidings of an amicable shared experience among fellow organic strangers, they all seemed to shed their inhibitions and enjoyed the rapids of adventure for what it was, silently overcoming previous trepidations about embarking on something dangerous**** like this.

**** No hypothetical ingredients were ever put in danger during production of this product, however the ingredients in the actual product were aggressively pulverized to the point of homogeneity, any semblance of individuality of these flavors are liberated only by your tastebuds. Free them